D.A.Ramachandran Chettiar

The late D.A.Ramachandran Chettiar. a dynamic person by nature. started his career from very humble beginnings. At the age of fifteen. he began his jewellery career with two people in a 150 square foot work shop in Coimbatore. With a positive attitude and a zest for entrepreneurship. he began to diversify his business into varied fields like petrol stations. hospitals. hotels and cinema theaters.


Mr. D.R. Ragunath, the youngest son of D.A. Ramachandran started at the age of sixteen in the year 1967. under the able guidance of his father. He ventured successfully in to MARUTHI SUPER SERVICE. a petroleum retail outlet business. while continuing to gain knowledge at his father's jewellery business. He started selling whole sale jewellery to various states in India and partly exporting gold jewellery to countries like UAE. UK. USA and Singapore under the brand DAR PARADISE. After tasting success in the market he started his retail jewellery shop at Raja Street in Coimbatore in the year 1991. He has kept the tradition of jewellery making dynamic and progressive.

D.R. Koushik

D.R. Koushik. the only son of Mr. D.R. Ragunath having completed his M.Sc. graduated with top honors from a reputed institute in the United Kingdom in the year of 2008, he further went on to complete a course in gemology in Surat for the diamond grading and sorting in the year 2009. Having joined the family business, he has helped DAR Paradise grow and prosper and become what it is today. Under the able guidance of his father, D.R. Koushik has not only sustained the success of DAR Paradise. but has also helped it evolve into a global brand.