Monthly InstallmentAssuming Gold Rate(RS)WeightDuration
1000 2990 0.334 11 Month
2000 2990 0.668 11 Month
3000 2990 1.003 11 Month
5000 2990 1.672 11 Month
10000 2990 3.344 11 Month

DAR Golden tree is a jewellery advance purchase plan that lets you invest in gold in the smartest possible way. For every monthly installment, gold is credited to your account at the prevailing rate. That is, you directly buy grams of gold every month at existing rates instead of buying them at the end of maturity. This helps you to protect your investment from the fluctuating gold prices. And lets you buy your favorite jewellery in absolute peace of mind.

The minimum amount to open an account in this scheme is Rs1000/- or in multiples of Rs10000/-.The scheme period is 11 months.

Buying jewellery at darparadise has always been a pleasurable experience. With darparadise it's just become a lot easier.

Those who want to discontinue at the middle of the scheme can purchase jewels only for the paid amount. 

No cash will be refunded under any circumstances.

Denominations: INR 1000/-, INR 2000/-, INR 3000/-, INR 5000/-, INR 10,000/-.