ItemApprox weight selectedApprox WatageExcess weightLess my gold benefit the gold wt paidLess wastage
Fancy haram 16 grams 12% 10 grams 6 grams 8%
Net Payable 6 grams 4% - - -
10 grams 12% - - -
ItemApprox weight selectedApprox WatageExcess weightLess my gold benefit the gold wt paidLess wastage
Chain 16 grams 7% 7 grams 9 grams 8%
Net Payable 9 grams 0% - - -
7 grams 7% - - -

In This My Flexi Gold Advance Purchase Plan, you can pay according to the 22ct gold rate on that day, credit in your account in terms of gold weight in 0.500gm, 1 gm, 2 gm, 4 gm, 8 gms.

In this scheme, you can credit any weight (0.5 gram to 8 grams) of gold on any date of your choice in multiple times. You can credit maximum of 8 grams in a month.

Monthly payment may be made by Cash or Cheque (payable at coimbatore) favoring“DAR PARADISE PVT LTD” based on the 22ct rate on that day.

Payment also accepted by Credit Card / Debit Card or Online through

Every month atleast once you have to fix your gold and pay for 11 months. After, completing 30 days of 11 month installment, you can collect your gold in the form of 916 gold jewellery without wastage/VA as per the above example.

Those who discontinued the scheme in between they will not be given benefit of wastage. Those who pays continuously for 11 months will be benefited and therefore defaulting members would become eligible for the benefit after they have paid all the 11 instalments. In other words their eligibility would get postponed by the no.of months they have defaulted.

After the Maturity period if the purchased Gold ornaments having different wastage and inseparable excess weight, Customer should pay the average wastage for the excess gold weight and the gold price on that particular day with applicable tax.
For example if you are saving 30 grams gold in 11 months.

If the Customer purchase the gold ornaments less than the maturity weight. Then, the balance wastage value will not be adjustable or refundable.

Cash will not be refunded on any circumstances. There will not be any interest for your money. You cannot purchase Platinum, Silver and Gift articles in this scheme.

Precious stones, pearl and coral for such type of ornaments you will be charged extra. VA/Wastage benefit is given till maximum 8% to the customer.

Members should ensure that your payments are correctly entered in the pass book.

Applicable tax will be borne by the customer.

The Management has the right to take any decision on its own at any time without any prior notice.